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Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

Experience the underground world of a real ironstone mine.

Tom Leonard mining museum - Cleveland Ironstone Mine The Museum offers visitors an opportunity to discover the skills and customs that built Cleveland's Ironstone heritage. It is the only Museum in the UK which tells the story of Ironstone mining; a key part of the local history of the social and industrial development of Cleveland and Teesside.

The Museum today offers visitors an opportunity to experience the underground world of a real ironstone mine and to explore the skills, customs and life of the Cleveland miner. It was these miners that helped make Cleveland the most important Ironstone mining district in Victorian and Edwardian Britain.

One of the Museum's strengths lies in its knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, who accompany visitors around the site: - through the discovery of rock in the area - through the cavernous ventilation spaces - into the North Drift of the old Loftus Mine

It was through this drift that much of the 6.2 million tons of ironstone extracted from Skinningrove was hauled.

Visitors have the opportunity to hear the story of a Trappy Lad on his first day at work underground in the darkness and the friends that he made there. Finally the tour finishes with the chance to explore an underground working place and see how the stone was drilled, charged with explosives and FIRED!

While visitors are waiting for the next tour, they are able to browse the Museum Gallery. This displays photographs of Loftus Ironstone Mine (where the Museum is located), the Miners and the local area during the mining era.

Please note: The Mining Museum is currently closed as it is undergoing a rebuild and will be for some time.
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As the museum relies on volunteers to open, it may be necessary to call on 01287 642877 to confirm that the museum is open before travelling a long distance.