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Paul Sanderson's memories of Saltburn 1951 - 1970

With grateful thanks to Paul who contacted us recently, the link to his memories of growing up in Saltburn is now active again. Simply click on the image to visit.

Memories of Saltburn 1951 - 1970

A personal narrative about childhood in Saltburn in the 50's & 60's.

Born in Marske, Paul Sanderson moved to Saltburn in 1952, with his parents and sister, when he was six months old. This is a fascinating account about childhood and growing up in Saltburn during the 50's, 60's and early 70's.

Milton Street, Saltburn, early 60's

John Stanway's Memories of Saltburn in the 50's and 60's

John was 10 years old when he moved to Saltburn from Cornwall. This is his recollection of his youth spent in the town. "Saltburn by Sea is where I wos educated and spent my yuth."

An American in Yorkshire 1945

With grateful thanks to Marilyn who contacted us recently with this lovely letter written to her mother by her father when he was an Amercan serviceman stationed in the UK towards the end of WWII. On furlough in February of 1945 he stays with a family in Eston and visits Saltburn. The letter is full of wonderful observations about the people he meets as well as the places he visits.
We are preparing a small pamphlet which will include contemporary illustrations of the places Phil mentions in his letter but felt that we really wanted to share this lovely piece right now. Simply click on the image to read a transcription of the letter.

An American in Yorkshire 1945.