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Voices - Having Your Say about the future of Saltburn

In the past resorts were a new phenomenon, and sold themselves self-consciously on their modernity, whether through the construction of a magnificent Italianate railway hotel, highly engineered Victorian pier or the development of sheltered Pleasure Grounds.

The Rock Gardens near the cliff lift.

Today there is plenty of evidence to show that during the late twentieth century consumption of the past became a key element in the expanding cultural economy. It therefore became feasible for resorts to re-invent themselves by selling their past. Not just a material past - buildings and artefacts - but also a mental heritage embodied in both communal and individual memories of the seaside holiday experience. With its rich physical and mental heritage, Saltburn - despite the losses of some historic fabric - is in a strong position to exploit its past and to promote its future.

It is therefore disconcerting to discover how little systematic care and consideration and planning has been given to the resort development of Saltburn today. Although some 'noise' (as opposed to action) has been placed on its Victorian identity its coastal and maritime past - its original history - has received much less attention.

We are therefore presented with a conundrum; on the one hand, smuggling, 'Victoriana' and the seaside holiday are important parts of Saltburn's past and current life; on the other hand, the sustainability of these elements has received little attention as this multi-layered heritage has been left to struggle and compete with its various parts and with the demand for new build.

Identity and conservation

Please take this opportunity to express your views on the relevant issues which you believe are important in preserving Saltburn's uniqueness and sustainable economy.

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If you have something to say about any of the features which give Saltburn it's unique identity please use the comments box below. It will help to raise awareness of the issues which you feel are important.

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