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Thousands of businesses across the UK are already alert to the huge benefits of advertising on the web. This site aims to promote local businesses in and around Saltburn by the Sea by providing online advertising and the enormous opportunities that it offers. The reality is that in 2013 any business simply HAS to embrace the web. In terms of coverage, exposure, profile and good old fashioned value for money there really is no better way.

  • The minimum purchase is £10 for an enhanced basic listing.
  • We do not charge a set up fee for our 'BizAd' or 'Microsite' advertising. However we do expect your ad to feature for a minimum of 12 months. Each subscription is only available in annual blocks.
  • We ask you to consider carefully the details you want to include on your 'bizad' or 'microsite' page as you cannot change these for at least 3 months. Once your details are submitted we will design your ad for you. Your ad will be placed in the business directory for the guaranteed period from the date that you bought your ad space. Once your ad details are accepted and published you cannot get a refund.
  • does NOT accept Featured Ad listings that include content, services or products that are:
    Pornographic or containing Adult Content;
    Inflammatory, Offensive or Promoting Hate Literature;
    Illegal, or in violation of another person's or company's rights or trademarks.
    We decide what is appropriate for this site. If you submit an ad that is rejected, you will have the opportunity to provide alternative details, otherwise your money will be refunded. If your website link is accepted for inclusion in your ad and you later change the content of the linked site to show offensive/obscene material then your link will be removed until you provide a new one, and you will not get a refund of any kind for the link downtime. If, for whatever reason, you want your ad listing removed, you can request that, but you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Requested links must be to web pages only and begin with http://
  • You must have the authority to provide the details, image and link for the website/ad that you submit.
  • Funds must be fully received and cleared before your ad goes live on the requested directory page.
  • There may be occasional downtime for site maintenance but we will endeavour to keep these to a minimum.
  • Once you have ordered your ad and the funds have cleared (eg. in our PayPal account), we will aim to get your enhanced basic listing online within 24-48hrs.
  • The design for 'Bizrate' and 'Microsite' ads takes longer to prepare and as such we will endeavour to get your ad online within 5 working days.

If you are happy to agree with our terms and conditions then you are ready to advertise on